7 Surprising Uses for Citrus Essential Oils

If you have been wondering how you can benefit from using citrus essential oil in your home, keep reading for some surprising ways to use them that will make you want to add these oils to your collection.

How to Use Rosemary Essential Oil

While everyone loves using Rosemary in their cooking, using the essential oil can be somewhat confusing. This post is for anyone wondering what does Rosemary Essential Oil do?

Best Oils for Beards

If you have beard, there is no better way to care for your face than with essential oils. Free of chemicals and other irritating ingredients, oils can help keep your beard in top shape.

Weekly Drop – Copaiba

Copaiba Title Image

Native Brazilians used this rain forest tree in traditional health practices. dōTERRA Copaiba oil can support much of the body including, the cardiovascular, immune, digestive, nervous and immune systems.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood is an amazing essential oil with a warm, woody, and somewhat balsamic aroma that encourages tranquility and can help you relax at the end of the day. Popularly used in perfume and skincare products, it soothes the skin and calms the mind. It’s also a natural bug repellent.

Weekly Drop – Rosemary

Rosemary oil is a versatile essential oil that proves useful in everyday life for things like promoting healthy-looking hair, creating a relaxing massage, improving focus and energy, and more. It even supports healthy digestion.

How to Use Laurel Leaf Essential Oil

An ancient symbol of victory, Laurel Leaf promotes an environment of courage and concentration. As a natural cleanser and skin soother, Laurel Leaf essential oil helps you accomplish the little victories you strive for each day.